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No lawyer can guarantee results ahead of time.  However, an attorney's track record is important.  While some lawyers measure success by huge verdicts, Jeff Talley measures success by solved problems, big or small, in a cost effective manner.  Below are typical examples of problems solved by Jeffrey B. Talley, P.C.


  • PROBATE​​​​​  A middle aged client lost her husband and her confidence.   After the funeral she did not know where to turn or how to get started on the process of handling his estate and the financial matters he had always handled.  We were able to compassionately simplify the process and assist our client in being independent and self-sufficient.
  • SUED  After the real estate market imploded in 2007, a land developer was sued by the bank.  The lender also sued the developer's wife, our client, claiming she had been involved in a fraudulent conveyance.  We were able successfully to defend against the lender's claim and protect our client's property from being taken away.
  • SALE OF BUSINESS  After years of hard work building his own small business, a small business owner wanted to sell his business and retire.  A larger company made an offer at a good price, but the devil was in the details.  The written proposal prepared by the buyer's corporate lawyer was many pages long and almost unreadable.  We were able to explain the contract terms in plain language and point out unfavorable terms that the client found unacceptable.  We then were able to negotiate more acceptable terms that resulted in a completed sale at the right price and without those gotcha provisions that the buyer's attorneys had included.
  • TRESPASS  A homeowner's neighbor built a shed across the property line.  A creative solution was found that benefited both parties and avoided a potentially ugly situation.
  • LAND CONDEMNATION  Georgia Transmission Corporation condemned a portion of the client's land to run a high voltage power line through the property.   GTC offered to compensate only a portion of the value of the land being taken for the easement.  After the case was heard by a Special Master, the client was compensated a higher amount for the easement taken plus a substantial additional amount for consequential damages to the remainder of the property.
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